I Spy: Fun House

I Spy: Fun House

I Spy: Fun House is a hidden object game for all ages with a circus theme
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I Spy: Fun House is a hidden object game for all ages. The game is set in a carnival which is composed of several screens that can be viewed by clicking on the arrows on the right and left. All the available park's scenes represent a hidden object game, and there are 11 of them in total. The artwork is stunning, full of interesting and well-done pictures. The hidden object games also proved to be really challenging, since the objects are cleverly hidden and enunciated in a tricky way. Besides, it doesn't include hints or any help whatsoever, so you'll just have to find them by yourself. Instead of giving you a list with the objects like in most games like this, here you are provided with a rhyme that tells you about the objects to find. The rhymes appear in words and can be also heard as many times as you want by clicking on a bullhorn. What is more, you can also hear a specific word or phrase by just clicking on it. This is particularly useful for kids who doesn't know how to read yet.
Once you find all the objects, there rests a short and easy final step that leads you to a ticket for a special area full of bonus games. These bonus games are really challenging and fun; they include match-three games, puzzles, and other original games that contribute to the variety and creativity of the whole game.
The only drawback I found is that it only includes hidden objects scenes that are repeated with different objects, where you should get more tickets for the bonus games.
All in all, even though I Spy: Fun House is clearly oriented for kids, some parts are really challenging and amusing even for adults. I suggest you try it and decide for yourself.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great bonus games
  • Challenging
  • Great artwork


  • No hints or help whatsoever
  • Repetition of scenes
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